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      Black Lives Matter
We're radically opposed to racism and police brutality. Huey Newton of the Black      Panthers fought against these same things more than half a century ago and yet we are still dealing with the same bullshit in our society today.
It must come to an end. NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE.
Many say All Lives Matter which is obviously true, however, the black community has been the target of systemic racism and police brutality for hundreds of years in this country. In our effort to help support the ending of this ignorance 100% of the profits from these boards will be donated to black owned and operated businesses in Atlanta. 
The boards will be of limited quantity and begin shipping in July. 
  • 100% Hard Rock Canadian Maple
  • Cold Pressed for a higher quality deck with consistent concave and longer lasting pop
  • Available in Medium or Deep Dish concave
  • Made in the USA